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Harmony Quilt Company Ltd

Longarm Quilting Machine Rental - INITIAL HOURS TUITION

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After completing this hour’s tuition to learn all the basics of how to operate the machine and load your quilt, you are then certified to rent the Long Arm and start quilting your own quilts.

Harmony Quilt Company has a state-of-the-art Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen, a 16” throat space, hand guided long arm quilting machine with a stitch regulator, on a 10ft Studio Frame available for rental.

You will learn: 

Basic operation of the long arm machine                    Operation of the bobbin winder

Loading a quilt using super clamps                              Tension adjustment

Threading the machine                                                 Proper bobbin case installation

Importance of a square backing                                   Thread basics

We use “Super Clamps” to load and unload the quilt on our machine frame. This is a fast and easy way to load your quilt. No pins or zipped leaders are needed to load a quilt on the quilt frame. Using “Super Clamps” allows you to easily reload a quilt that has been partially quilted.

Needles – Are included with your rental.

Thread- To ensure proper operation of our machine, we require the use of Glide brand cone thread. We carry cones of Glide Thread, in a variety of colours and can order any colour not on hand.  NO OTHER THREAD WILL BE PERMITTED TO BE USED ON THE MACHINE.

Bobbins – Only M Class Bobbins slotted for Handi Quilter Machines are used and are available for use within your rental period. There is a bobbin winder to wind bobbins for your rental time.