About Harmony

I'm Natalie, the proud owner and passionate quilter behind Harmony Quilt Company. My journey into the world of crafting, particularly sewing and quilting, has been deeply inspired by my grandmother, lovingly known as Nanny Smith. From a young age, she introduced me to the art of creating curtains, but my true passion was ignited as I repurposed her fabric offcuts into various creative projects.

With over 45 years of sewing experience and 10 years of dedicated quilting practice, my heart truly belongs to quilting. While I relished the piecing aspect, I struggled with the quilting on my domestic sewing machine. Then came February 2018, and with it, the HQ Amara—a 20-inch longarm machine mounted on a 10-foot HQ Studio2 Frame, equipped with the Pro-Stitcher Premium software. This remarkable addition fulfilled my quilting dreams. I could now effortlessly quilt all my unfinished quilt tops, and my studio was finally free of UFOs (Unfinished Objects)!

It was time to turn my passion into my profession, leading to the birth of Harmony Quilt Company Ltd. My goal was clear: to offer an accessible, computerised, edge-to-edge longarm quilting service to fellow quilters who shared my love for piecing. With a starting price of just £35, my aim was to make high-quality quilting accessible to those who may have hesitated due to the perceived cost. Harmony Quilt Company is a family affair, with my cousin Jo handling the finances, my mother Pam managing administrative tasks, and my son Mitch tackling the technical aspects that, apparently, mums don't quite grasp!

As a token of appreciation to our valued customers, we offer a permanent loyalty card promotion.

Take a tour of our website, and if you're ready to become a part of our quilting family, we extend a warm welcome. Happy piecing and quilting! 🪡✨