Longarm Machine Rental Information

Longarm Machine Rental Information

  • You will need to book a one off Initial Hours Tuition before booking a longarm rental session. You can book it using this link Initial Hours Tuition. Once you have completed your hours tuition you will be free to book  as many Longarm Machine Rentals as your heart desires.
  • Topics covered in your Initial Hours Tuition include bobbin winding, loading a quilt, threading the machine, thread tension, basting your quilt, using a pantograph, tying off the threads, advancing your quilt, and finishing the last row. A smaller project is easier to manage when you are beginning, rather than a larger one.
  • Rentals are available to book here on this website using this link Longarm Machine Rental. You are welcome to book full days, and payment is due at the time of booking. If you run out of time, you may need to unload your quilt and rebook a session to reload and finish your project. If there is time available at the end of your session, you can add additional time in hourly increments for £15/hour. 
  • I am more than happy to help with issues when they arise, but please keep in mind that renting our machine is expected to be self-directed.

  • We will supply Glide 40wt thread for use. We have many colour choices available. The machine is calibrated for this thread only, and no other threads will be permitted for use.

  • You are welcome to use our kitchen, which has a fridge, microwave, and kettle, while you are quilting with us, so please bring any food you wish. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, tap water & squash is available for your use, to make yourself at home in the studio. Please bring a spill proof cup if you would like to have refreshments while you are in the longarm room. There is a seating area to take your break for lunch and snacks. 

  • We also have a dedicated parking for customers, please park on the shingle and not the block paving, it is a requirement of the tenancy agreement
  • Prepare the backing and wadding – They should be 4” larger on all sides to make your quilting experience easy. 


  • Press the seams – Ensure your quilt is well pressed, with seams as flat as possible and creases removed. If you have a seam on the backing, consider pressing it open. You can fold your top, back, and batting individually and place them over hangers. There is an iron available for use at the studio.
  • Stay-Stitch the edge – If your quilt has seams around the edge (no borders), you can baste around the quilt about 1/8” from the edge to keep the seams from pulling apart during quilting. 
  • Trim loose threads – cut stray threads from the quilt top and backing. You can also trim the ones you see on top while advancing the quilt. 
  • Pro tip: be sure to wear a good pair of comfortable shoes. We have chairs that you may use for breaks, but keep in mind that you will mostly stand for 3 to 6 hours, depending on the rental you choose.